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Lenovo ThinkPad 42T4847 Battery Replacement

  • Model: 42T4847
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Lenovo ThinkPad 42T4847 Battery

Type: Brand New Li-ion Battery
4400mAh/10.8 V
Battery life: 3.0~4.0 hours
Color: Black
Cell: 6-cell
Size: 262 X 73.5 X 17.29mm
Weight: 317.6 g
Warranty: Full 1 year warranty
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2~9 65.99
More than 10 pcs 64.99
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We provide 6 cell Hi-Quality ThinkPad 42T4847 battery at the most preferred price.

1.Battery which should be maintained
(1)the new 42T4847 battery is charging, should be charged for 8-12 hours.
(2) fully charged and discharged. Cycle three times to wake up a new battery.
(3prolonged use of topical power. The proposal to remove the battery, so as not to affect battery life.
(4) regular charge and discharge; such a long time [more than one] does not use a computer or found that the Lenovo 42T4847 battery charge and discharge time is shorter, should be in charge after the battery is completely discharged, generally at least a month to charge and discharge time.
(5) When charging is best to turn off the computer and unplug the power, do not drop in the charge.
(6) avoid human impacts, demolition, fall, heating or short circuit.
(7) how to use the battery to discharge off the electricity when fully charged within two days, otherwise the battery easily damaged and can not be recharged on the electric.
(8) ThinkPad 42T4847 battery often recycled, it is recommended that at least two months, the battery performance in order to achieve the best, the first discharge to 3%, and then full.
(9) When the battery year long performance failure, generally for two years, remove the battery the computer, do not install on the computer in order to avoid the danger of explosions and fire.
(10) If the battery will store a longer period of time not to be used,it must first charge the battery to more than 50%, absolute power less than 50% of long term storage, otherwise the battery is easily damaged and may not be recharged on the electric.

2.The ThinkPad 42T4847 battery should be noted that what matters
(1) charging turn off the computer, unplug the power not to charge his way.
(2) The battery in the normal working hours, if the battery is discharged to as low as 5% must be shut down or recharge. Strictly prohibited to discharge the battery to 0%, so operating, the battery is very easy to damage and accelerate the decay.
(3) avoid human impacts, demolition, fall, heating or short circuit.
(4) to use special equipment charge.
(5) should try to avoid using the battery temperature is too high or low.

3.How long to charge in order to fully activate the new battery
Recommend that you first charge not less than eight hours, digital Levovo 42T4847 battery at least five hours.

4.How to recharge your new battery
Usually the new batteries were not fully charged, the need to charge it before using a new battery. Start using a new battery or batteries to stop using for some time, the battery needs to be three to four charge-discharge cycles in order to achieve the highest efficacy.Sometimes a new battery the first charge (when charging after 10-15 minutes), equipment, light indicates the battery is fully charged,in which case the rechargeable battery is normal, just remove the battery from the device and re-battery recharge.If you have more than one month does not use batteries, intended to build you remove the battery from the device, on a dry, cool place. Charge and discharge, the battery temperature will rise, which is a normal phenomenon. Fully charged battery, if placed in a period of time, the ThinkPad 42T4847 battery will naturally discharge, so when the battery storage for some time and then use still need to be charging. And then charge for the first time using a laptop, discharge to about 5%(United States).

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